Web Site Management Service

A review of all the Clubs & Societies that have a web site shows that many are displaying out-of-date information.

The maintenance of a web site is clearly challenging and often relies on an enthusiast in the Club who volunteers to take on the task. But what happens if that person either no longer wants the task or is simply not available? You are landed with a moribund web site many will cease to visit knowing that it no longer can be relied on.

Have you thought of having the web site managed for you? All the hard work is done for you, the site is built to your current requirements and updated with all the latest information that you wish to post. You can either add or edit the pages yourself or we will do it for you – just email us with what you want to add, e.g. Trial and Test Schedules, Draw results, and more. FTMS© already manages the on-line entries to Trials and Tests, has a Membership system to manage your members, so it only seems logical to maintain your web site for you as well.

What are the costs?

A typical web site has three costs attached to it:

    1. The server – on which the web site sits and from which information is displayed.
    2. The domain name – which has to be registered and periodically re-registered.
    3. Editorial maintenance of the web site content.

So if your Club or Society is signed up to FTMS, all this for £150 a year.

Contact Us if you would like to explore total management of your Club web site